Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, reclaiming your feminine essence, and unlocking the vibrant strength within you? If you’re seeking a transformative path that nurtures the connection to your body and soul, you’ve found the right place.

Feminine embodiment is a soul-stirring journey that delves into the essence of womanhood, a journey that intertwines emotions, body, energy, and spirit. It’s an avenue for women ready to liberate themselves from societal conditioning and resurface as empowered, magnetic, and liberated beings who not only recognize their worth, but embrace the full spectrum of being a woman.

In our work together, we harness the power of somatic tools and practices that go beyond mere understanding. These tools not only grant access to the profound wisdom embedded within the body but also serve as a guide, leading you towards reclaiming your voice, body, pleasure, and power. Unveiling the innate wisdom held within your body, these tools facilitate a profound transformation, fostering deeper intimacy, enriching relationships, and supporting personal healing.

There’s an exquisite beauty in nourishing ourselves, delving into the deep well of our feminine essence. It beckons us to slow down, allowing ourselves to receive, to be tenderly cared for and cherished by the masculine. This essence revives a profound connection to our bodies, guiding the way to rediscover our inner strength, relish life’s intricate moments, and immerse ourselves in the serene tranquillity of inner peace.

The feminine path and the path of embodiment have changed both my own life and women I have worked with.


Alexandra was an absolute angel sent from heaven! Her knowledge & experiences totally changed my mindset, how I see myself & how I approach life now. A priceless experience with an amazing mentor giving us women our power back!

~ Mel AUS.


I had the most wonderful experience with this programme! The outcome: I am in love with my myself – my body! It’s so powerful and I can feel it everyday now. I have landed more and more and found a curious amazement about my body, my pleasure and my voice. So thankful for this journey and Alexandra, the beautiful soul, who guided me through! <3

~ Katharina Germany.


Alexandra has an excellent ability in being able to communicate information effectively. She has a in depth understanding of sexual issues and has practical ways to assist women in this area. Her calm and sensitive approach also makes her so suited to what she does. Her service exceeded my expectations.

~ Margaret AUS.

In your journey of feminine embodiment, we’ll delve into a range of topics tailored to your unique path:

  • Coming home to your body
  • Regulating the nervous system
  • Healing and connecting with your menstrual cycle
  • Cultivating inner safety and surrender
  • Utilizing somatic healing tools
  • Embracing the softness of your feminine essence
  • Understanding masculine and feminine energies
  • Opening your heart to vulnerability
  • Exploring your voice, desire personal power, boundaries, desires, and effective communication
  • Embracing your sensuality, sexual liberation, and healing
  • Inner child healing, mother, father, and sister wounds
  • Healing from shame, guilt, and fear
  • Awakening libido and your life force energy
  • Navigating dating and relationships
  • Cultivating deeper intimacy and awakening the wild woman within

This mentorship program is your tailored pathway to self-discovery and personal growth. Choose between our 3, 5, or 12-month options, each providing a dedicated space for exploration and healing.

Each mentorship includes personalised 1:1 coaching sessions where we delve into your unique journey. You will receive weekly or bi-weekly home practices, meditations, reflections, journaling, and an array of carefully designed embodiment tools to suit your individual needs.

Gain exclusive access to our online portal, a treasure trove of feminine embodiment practices, videos, meditations, workbooks, breathwork exercises, and workshops.

During your mentorship, attend our online workshops at no extra cost or access their recordings at your convenience.

This is an invitation to reclaim your life, your power, and your true essence. It’s about nurturing and cherishing your authentic self, unlocking your inner potential, and experiencing a life that resonates deeply with your soul.

We have all our own unique challenges and desires and the mentorships are designed to guide you from where you are today to where you want to be, how you want to feel and what you want to experience and create in your life.

I walk this path with you. It’s not just a concept I’ve studied or can teach—it’s a way of life I embody through my lived experiences. I was once locked in my head and locked out of my heart, grappling with body image issues, disconnected from my body, and struggled to articulate my feelings and desires. As a strong and independent woman entrenched in my masculine energy, I was tired, utterly fatigued, and reaching a breaking point. While I took pride in self-reliance, deep down, I longed for a moment to relinquish control and allow a man to take the lead and care for me. 

Now, I’m fully embracing the full spectrum of womanhood, feeling profoundly connected to my feminine essence, and relishing being tenderly cared for by men. Having traversed many of life’s challenges, I stand here ready to lead and support you on this transformative journey.

This is your journey back home, where empowerment, liberation, and self-love await. If you feel that resounding ‘YES’ resonating within, take the first step towards this transformative journey and schedule a connection call below or reach out via email for any inquiries. 



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“After Alexandras program I totally shifted my energy, I am connected to myself, my pussy, my sexuality and I became magnetic for a partner with whom I allow myself to experience and receive pleasure from. I’ve learned how to communicate my boundaries, to be present in my body, relax, release and let go of trauma and past experiences that doesn’t serve me in the present moment. Also some good tips about giving pleasure which were appreciated :)) Was an intense journey which I committed myself to and the safe container that Alexandra created took me to the next level in my life journey. I feel blessed, grateful and honoured for being part of this program and all my takeaways”

~ Anonymous Woman AUS.


I have an increased awareness of my bodily and emotional reactions to things outside my comfort zone/fear of rejections and how to physically work through those things so I don’t become disabled by fear. I think as well that thing of actually really prioritising yourself and your pleasure and creating a day that you want to live has been really powerful. Thank you for prompting to try all these new things, I’ve learned so much from you.

~ Megan UK.


I just want to say how amazing this course has been for me. I haven’t felt this energised, this juicy, or this excited about my life in about 3 years. All the meditations have been so profound, and the practices move so much within my body and my soul. I feel so light and alive and full of joy and something feels so different about me! I have to say that the meditations have really touched the core of my heart and feeling the safety within myself to be myself and to express myself and to honour myself, my body, my voice, and all the pleasure I am experiencing with life right now. The self-pleasure practices have also been key to this manifestation ladies, This is SO TRUE. Moving energy through that self-pleasure has been very profound for me and I’ve done similar workshops before. The way Alexandra holds space for us in this container has been so nurturing and I am full of appreciation to this woman.

~ Nicole USA.