Chris is an experienced and accredited psychotherapist based in Waterloo who also offers online sessions. Chris helps individuals, couples and families with therapy and coaching which is private, discreet and confidential – nothing will go on your medical record. Chris is very popular and his practice is in a relaxed and non-clinical setting which clients view as an important part of their healing process. Chris is genuinely empathetic, non-judgemental and a warming soul – you will feel safe and supported as he helps to guide you through your personal issues or trauma. 

Chris is also an accredited yoga teacher and mental health trainer. He was worked at and trained staff at headspace as well as led anxiety and depression support groups. Whether you have a diagnosed mental illness, unresolved personal issues or need someone to talk things out with, Chris would be an excellent choice. 10% off your first session and an extra 15 minutes free when mentioning Soul Intimacy.

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