Sexology is the study of human sexual behaviour, what we do and how we think and feel about it.

Sex Coaching is a non-touch, client focused, goal oriented and personalised sex education. It is about taking the client from where the client is today to where they want to be in the future. We use positive language and empower the client to move forward. We work side by side with the client and bring the information and support to remove limiting believes and reframe and restructure old negative thoughts, emotions or patterns. We look at our clients as a whole person and nourish the whole client, body mind and soul. It involves mental reframing, emotional balancing and initiative guidance.

Sex Coaching Vs Therapy.

A sex coach works with healthy adults and not with patients. They don’t prescribe medications or use a diagnostic models to diagnose the client. They work with a positive language and empowering attitude to move the client forward to their goal. They do talk about the past but they don’t try to fix the past but rather focus on the precent and developing the future together with the client side by side. Sex Coaching is all about the client’s dreams, goals and wants. It should be fun, exciting and the client should enjoy the coaching process.

A sex coach will together with their client define the problem or concerns and then develop a plan with action steps how to help the client solve the problem. They could meet in person or over phone or Skype. Talk-based Sex Coaching can solve problems around communication difficulties, sexual orientation, sex and ageing, exploration of fantasies, fetishes, kinks or BDSM, sexual dysfunction, problems around dating, open relationships, low self-esteem, sexless relationships and low or no desire for sex. Most of the time our body reacts in a way due to our limiting believes that are in the way we think or feel about sex. A sex coach will guide you to remove blockages and clearing obstacles that are in the way for the client to have the sex they want.

Alexandra contact you to set up a brief intake interview to make sure she is the right match for you and your specific needs.

Alexandra will create a safe space where you can be fully comfortable being exactly who you are and express yourself. She is vibrant, funny and frequently uses humour during coaching so be prepared for a laugh or two. She will identify your sexual concerns, where you are stuck and your Sex Coaching goals. Together you will discuss potential approaches and action steps to reach your goal and create a personalised coaching plan.

You will receive a take-away assignment to complete between the sessions to keep you on track and move you towards your goal as fast as possible. It could be practical exercises, books to read, videos to watch or things to reflect on and journal about. These exercises may be fun activities to promote growth, or to disempower unhelpful behavioural patterns. Each subsequent session starts with a recap and review of the work you’ve undertaken between the sessions. As you learn new ways of thinking, controlling what you are feeling or new sexual skills, Alexandra will support you and make sure you brining those skills into your life and celebrate you in the process.

Coaching via zoom works just as great as face to face if not better. You can join the session from the safety and comfort of your own home and you don’t need to spend time traveling. It also allows you to work with the right professional for you, rather than having to choose someone close to where you live. Give it a go with one session and see how you feel. 

Alexandra absolutely loves helping people to have the sex life they deserve. During your initial free phone consultation you will find out together if she is the right match for coaching you.  If Alexandra isn’t the right coach for you, she will gladly refer you to another professional from her extensive network of sex positive, non-judgmental professionals to help you. Alexandra only refers clients  to professionals she trusts to take care of you with high discretion and care.

The Coaching process varies according to each individual’s circumstance. Alexandra’s mission is to move you towards your goal as fast as possible. She will guide you verbally and suggest new activities to help you move forward. Sex Coaching is highly experimental and highly experiential, the more you give the more you get. Alexandra prides herself on helping her clients accomplish their goals and she will give her all to support, nourish, empower and generally ensure the client enjoys the journey.