Sex does not mean intimacy.


You can take your clothes off and have sex for hours, without it being any intimate at all.


And you can fuck rough, primal and animalistic for 5 minutes and it can be incredibly deep and intimate. 


You can experience intimacy without any kind of touch, just through words. 

Deep or really vulnerable conversations in any setting can create deep intimacy. Either you are sharing, just listening or both.


Or without either touch or words and just through your eyes. (The window to the soul) It definitely doesn’t even have to be in a “tantra” position on the floor with a timer and intention. It can be the first gaze into each other’s eyes when you wake up in the morning before you speak, or the way you both look at each other when you are out and see something funny. Or the glance across the dinner table at the restaurant that says: 

It’s ON when we get home. 


Intimacy can also be created without any words or touch and you don’t even need to look at each other. Singing from the top of your lounges like two crazy people in the car to the same song must be many peoples favourite intimate thing to do? It’s the energy that creates so much intimacy here. 

Laughing together until you are laying flat on the floor and almost pee your pants is always one of my favourite non physical intimate moments. Doesn’t matter if we are laughing at me, them, us or something else. 

Laughter is really important in any relationship. It releases feel good hormones and helps us bond. Do you laugh enough with your partner, friends and family?


Intimacy is created when we can relax and be ourselves. 

Our most authentic, goofy, imperfect self. 

When we can open up and just be. 

Either it’s in the bedroom, in a conversation or sharing ourselves and our heart in any way. 


Intimacy can be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

We all crave, create and experience intimacy in different ways and that is why it’s so important to get to know yourself and your partner. What worked in your past relationships might not be “the thing” in your current relationship. What worked for you in the past might not be what you crave right now. 


Questions to ask yourself or your Partner:

– When do you feel most intimate with me? 

– What do you need to experience deep intimacy? 

– What is it that I do that brings you closer to me?

– What moment in our relationship do you feel was the most intimate so far?

– What can we do to create deeper intimacy together?

What is your favourite kind of intimacy? 


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