It’s not “too needy” to want your lover/FB to stay the night after you had sex.

It’s not “too needy” to want foreplay for 40 minutes that includes both the body and the mind.

It’s not “too needy” to want cuddles and intimacy after sex with your partner.

It’s not “too needy” to want your breasts touched for 10 minutes as a part of foreplay.

It’s not “too needy” to want to connect for an hour over dinner or a walk before you have sex.

It’s not “too needy” to want to have a shower before sex.

Your needs are yours and they are perfect no matter what they are.

Asking for what you want and desire or express your boundaries around sex is not being “too needy”


Your wants, needs, desires and boundaries are valid.

They are yours and they are perfect!

Your body is your temple so you have all the rights to express what you need:

To feel for sex and get in the mood
To get ready and open
To to feel safe and surrender
To feel really good afterwards
To feel connected
To get out of your head and into your body.
To accelerate your arousal.

If you are struggling with expressing your needs or don’t know your own needs and boundaries.

Please send me a message. This is super important ❤️


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Y O U   A R E.  N O T   T O O   N E E D Y

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We are rising and raising our standards together!